Darmstadt,February 08,2019

    e-nizing®: first public demonstration at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

    e-nizing.io,a platform to visualize the status of all machines,independently of its vendor,can be experienced at MWC Barcelona

    e-nizing®,a newly founded daughter company of 澳门网赌网站Schenck Process,will present its newest innovationwww.e-nizing.ioon themobile world congressin Barcelona from Monday,February,25,2019to Thursday,February 28,2019atbooth 8.0K21,Hall 8.0.

    www.e-nizing.iois a solution tovisualize,analyzeandpredictthe status of all machines,no matter if it is 澳门网赌网站Schenck Process- or any other equipment.By setting limits for data points,actionscan be triggered to notify the platform's users.

    e-nizing.io was developed with a deep industry understanding of both IT and mechanical engineering.The platform's creation was fostered by customers,which gave their feedback into the development process.It wasreleased to the marketin January 2019.

    有关更多信息,visit the e-nizing team atbooth 8.0K21,Hall 8.0orwww.e-nizing.com