More than 40.000 tests

    Just like real life

    Tests in the four test labs can be run in parallel without impacting negatively on one another.Three of the test labs feature different equipment for filling the feeders with bulk bags or pneumatic feeding and complete cycle feeding.The fourth lab can be heated in a way that simulates different ambient conditions and can even simulate the environments of hot climates.All this means that the test processes undertaken are very simple to run.For example,the centre includes:

    • separate dust separation
    • separate preparation for tests in the PowderArea
    • the test bulk material used being stored locally
    • liquid cleaning of dirty feeders and equipment in the FeederWash with dirty water collection pan

    • body and eye wash units that satisfy the latest safety standards

    Customers can also benefit from the test tower where bulk material can be supplied directly from the street.This features three different bulk material test areas:

    • a material circuit with pneumatic cycle feeding for dust or carbon dust with MULTICOR® S40

    • a granulate test area with MULTISTREAM®
    • a MULTIDOS® test area

    No need to get your hands dirty

    The new spatial concept satisfies very stringent cleanliness and safety standards.Work in the old test centre was often rather dusty but now the tests can be followed from screens in the separate,dust-free control room.The highly functional way in which the centre is split into a test,control and meeting area also allows meetings to be held alongside the tests or for specialist meetings to be held right next door – and those nice shiny suits can stay that way.Portable PCs with wireless connections can be used throughout the TestCenter.Food and drink can of course also be arranged.