Testing helps determine the most efficient technique for your application

    TestCenter for pneumatic conveying and dust collection in the USA.

    Tests boost efficient design for your systems.Hundreds of materials and airborne particulates are tested annually in the four ultramodern Mac Process TestCenters for pneumatic conveying,dust collection and feeding.These tests form the basis of our vast database of material properties and performance data.Testing helps determine the most efficient technique and configuration for your specific application.

    Tests improve results

    Our TestCenters simulate real world conditions of pneumatic conveying or dust collection systems.Testing provides essential information for specifying equipment,making incorrect applications a thing of the past.Benefit from:

    • Calculation of material handling characteristics

    • Particle size analysis

    • Bulk density measurement

    • Calculation of horizontal and vertical pick-up velocities

    • Information on flow characteristics and storage

    • From small random sample examinations to tests of any size

    除了标准设备保修外,lab testing may allow us to provide enhanced emissions and performance warranties.You are more than welcome to attend tests in person.

    We offer the following technologies in Kansas City:

    • Pressure lean phase conveying

    • Vacuum lean phase conveying

    • Continuous dense phase conveying

    • Vacuum dense phase conveying

    • Vessel dense phase conveying

    • Low pressure continuous dense phase conveying

    • Ejector

    • Loss-in-weight feeding


    • The TestCenter features both carbon steel and stainless steel piping ranging from 125 ft.to 975 ft.in length
    • 管道:4英寸,schedule 10


    • Feed devices include: pressure vessels,standard airlocks,高压气闸

    • Ledge-free couplings are used throughout the system for testing products with breakage concerns

    • 欢迎您观看运输过程

    Other functions:

    • Basic material flow characteristic analysis

    • 简单系统转换的模块化系统设计

    • Dust-free testing environment

    • Full process controls package with interface and reporting

    • NFPA-rated explosion protection equipment

    • Multiple air control methods

    The lab is centrally located a few miles from Kansas City's International Airport.You are welcome to attend your own product tests or demonstrations in person.