Bulk material tests in the TestCenter – organisational matters – important information

    If you want to find out whether the proven bulk material technology of 澳门网赌网站Schenck Process could be used in a further processing product you have produced or are marketing and whether this technology could optimise processes,then appropriate tests (feed and precision tests) in our TestCenter will provide detailed answers to your questions.

    However to run a series of tests tailored to your specific objective,we rely on the detailed information you provide in advance about the bulk material under investigation (please refer tothe Data sheet for bulk material testsfor details of what we want to know about your product).

    We use this information,including the details you provide on the Safety data sheet,to evaluate any potential risks arising from the bulk material and to decide whether a product test can be undertaken.


    Providing there is nothing preventing a test or series of tests taking place in our TestCenter,our sales team will 澳门网赌网站contact you to arrange the various appointments.

    Delivery of test material

    Important: We can only accept bulk material from you if you have already arranged how it will be disposed of after the series of tests!(Refer to Returning/disposing of material).

    You must ensure that a sufficient amount of test material is supplied to the TestCenter one week before the start of testing.Please use reusable containers;if this is not possible,please provide a sufficient number of containers for decanting.

    Carriage paid shipping to the following address

    澳门网赌网站Schenck Process GmbH
    Landwehrstraße 55
    64293 Darmstadt


    Important: The sender's details required also include the name of a 澳门网赌网站contact (and phone number) should there be any questions when the delivery is made.

    The delivery papers must include all the necessary forms (safety data sheet,accident data sheet).

    Travel and hotel bookings

    On request we can assist with hotel bookings for your visit or provide you with details of suitable hotels.Detailed directions to the TestCenter (and the hotel into which you are booked if applicable) are included in the order and appointment confirmation.

    Tests in the TestCenter

    Initial tests are first conducted in the TestCenter with the respective bulk material and in line with your objectives.

    Appropriate test runs are then presented in your presence.Once the series of tests is complete,we discuss the results obtained with you to decide how to proceed.

    Returning/disposing of material

    澳门网赌网站Schenck Process offers the following alternatives:

    • once the series of tests is complete,the bulk material we have tested is returned to an address provided by yourself within a few days;carriage forward
    • you organise the return of your bulk materials;the material is made available for collection within a few days of the tests being completed
    • the bulk material is disposed of by ourselves for a fee

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