Process controls

    Enhanced process controls for product consistency and quality

    Put 澳门网赌网站Schenck Process to work on your process control project and you'll get everything you need from a single source.Our control systems are in-house designed,programmed and built by our own personnel.If there is a problem,we fix it.

    No black boxes
    It is important you have access to the programs that run your process.澳门网赌网站Schenck Process provides fully-documented program files to allow you to maintain the system long-term.We will not force you to hire us for future system modifications or expansions.

    Data and process integration for plant information systems
    These days it is not enough to have control and process data solely on the plant floor.Many companies are taking advantage of new networking and integration technologies to more tightly control process setpoint entry and gain better visibility of process performance.We have integrated our control systems with various plant-wide computer systems to make processes more efficient and consistent by reducing waste,improving finished product quality,and increasing throughput.

    Engineers who understand processes
    The key to developing a control system is to understand the process being controlled.澳门网赌网站Schenck Process engineers are not only well-versed in control system hardware and software,but also understand the ins and outs of plant processes.

    Custom solutions
    Because most process systems are unique,the control engineers at 澳门网赌网站Schenck Process incorporate standard hardware and software products to create a control system designed specifically for your process.Our engineers will design the system based around your standards and specifications.We have relationships and experience with many control system hardware and software vendors.

    UL,CSA or CE certification available

    • Complete in-house control system design/build/commission
    • Control of all process equipment – RFID and bar code systems – batching software
    • Ingredient automation
    • Control system upgrades
    • Remote support
    • In-house panel shop,graphics specialist,database specialists and process logic specialists
    • Pre-commissioning simulations