The ‘en-masse' handling experts

    Acquisition of Stock Equipment Company Inc (USA) including Redler in 2006

    Redleris known the world over as the founder of ‘en-masse' handling and is a leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for the grain and process 十大靠谱网赌平台industries.The bulk material handling products and solutions are used in a wide number of applications including the Power,Heavy and Light 十大靠谱网赌平台industries.

    The company can supply everything from belt conveyors and bucket elevators for the grain and derivatives 十大靠谱网赌平台industries,to en-masse elevators and container loading systems for granulated bulk materials.The company's en-masse solutions are renowned for their cost-effectiveness,strong environmental credentials and flexible applications using over 70 years of experience in handling hundreds of bulk materials.